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Tuesday, December 6, 2016


save web page as PDF

How to easily save web page as PDF file in your browser?

A PDF is a file format used for representing the data on electronic gadgets. The PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It i...

WordPress Security

protect Hotlinking

Learn how to protect Hotlinking from your hosting Cpanel.

What is Hot-Linking? Hot-Linking or Leeching orĀ Inline linking is a process of using the content from one website to another website by using the URL link. Let me help you with an example...
Two-Factor Authentication

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication is a new way of login or much safe way of login to your website. The old way of login is by using username and password but this method is less secure. If you a...
secure ftp

How To Make A Secure FTP Connection on your website?

FTP is known as File Transfer Protocol is a network protocol used to transfer the files of a website from its host to computer by using any file transfer protocol application on your com...


money with Google CSE

How to monetize or make money with Google CSE?

The Google Custom Search Engine or Google CSE is a search engine from google. It allows the visitors to search on your website...

Google Analytic

exclude ip address

How to Include/Exclude IP Address from Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analytic service offered by the Google. The Google Analytics helps you to track the information of visitors on your website. It helps you to chec...

Adobe Photoshop

OOBE folder

Adobe’s OOBE folder is missing

Adobe Photoshop is a photo editing and graphic designing software or program for the computer. It is available for both windows and OS X and you can download it directly from i...

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Interview – Mohit Saini, CFO & CFOO, Contree

Entrepreneurs work hard to complete their dreams and vision. Some students from the IIT Roorkee, one of the most reputed college in India dreams of making a mobile application ...


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